We were thrilled to be back, our team networked, presented, and setup OnTrack PM solution demonstrations showcasing our advanced multi-currency and dashboard features. It was pleasant to see some familiar faces: Julie Owen, ex-President of AACE International, Aleksandr Tsvetkov, Director of PMSOFT and Gennadiy Saharov, Director of Capital Investment, Rosatom. On May 30th PMSOFT Group of Companies held The Awards Ceremony, where Dr. Sean T. Regan was recognised with Russian Federation Honorary Pin for making a continuous, lasting and valued contribution to the advancement of Cost Management, Project Management and Project Controls in Russia. On May 30th, as a part of the 16th International PMSOFT Conference, Dr. Sean T. Regan presented on the subject of Project Management Company: International Definition; and on June 1st, as a part of the AACE Spring Workshop, Dr. Regan expressed his thoughts on TCM: Implementation on International Projects. We were pleased to answer all of your questions, but in case you missed it, follow OnTrack Engineering YouTube Channel, as our presentations will be available for streaming shortly, and join our mailing list to stay up to date on our conference/meeting/webinars in your city. We are committed to safeguarding investor contributions while expanding and protecting the spirit of a successful project management culture globally and that is why we are so eager to establish effective learning and knowledge transfer in the industry. We can’t wait to be back next year!