Supply Chain Management

Stakeholder Value

Projects require a procurement system that handles the whole supply chain cycle from requisition to management of materials and contracts to operations handover. Processes lacking alignment and systems requiring redundant data entry are all prone to error. Errors and inefficiency, in turn, threaten the project’s schedule and budget.

OnTrackPM enables buyers, contract managers, expeditors and inspectors to consistently manage purchase orders and contracts with the granularity required for engineering and construction. The module covers every step in as much or as little detail as required, from requisition through issue and closeout audit.

OnTrackPM is easy and intuitive to use. In minutes you can import the bill of materials, select bidders, e-mail requests for quotes, and issue recommendations after completing the bid evaluation. Electronic approvals allow you to quickly issue POs, contracts and revisions. Our system supports multiple currencies, handling exchange rates and fluctuating commodity prices. Value added taxes and local taxes are dealt with separately. OnTrackPM has the versatility and traceability needed to effectively manage and control your project supply chain.


  • Select cost code/work breakdown structures directly from budget
  • Import and export bill of material from and to third-party software
  • Receive warnings of items overrunning the budget
  • View budget and commitments to date for each account
  • Export and import bid data in the bid evaluation
  • Split requests for quotation into several POs after evaluation
  • Give each PO item its own cost code, taxes, delivery date, shipping destination, tag items, skid numbers and engineering work package
  • Include all companies’ contractual conditions
  • Full datasheets can be imported and used for technical evaluations on bids.
  • E-mail data as PDF attachments
  • Use multiple currencies for POs and projects
  • Assign an expeditor and initiating engineer to each PO
  • Record all revisions for easy retrieval
  • View expediting and detailed procurement schedule
  • Re-select and change cost codes for PO items if required
  • Reconcile commitment to payments
  • Create a vendor rating history
  • Insure SOX compliance
  • Define cash flow based on milestones agreed on deliveries