Executive Suite

Stakeholder Value

Monthly and quarterly reporting to the executive team is time-consuming and frequently complex. Ever struggle with a web of spreadsheets, fixing broken links, chasing unknown revision errors to prepare a single report? Felt the pain of knowing the information is outdated even as it is reported? How can a large company properly analyze its project performance and forecast costs or cash flow?

With OnTrackPM one system holds all the project information in a single database, not a myriad of programs and spreadsheets. This system gives the user the unique power to roll up project information and filter it many ways. Simply by selecting the group of projects you wish to view as a program or portfolio and a click of the mouse you can view cash-flow, progress, CPI & SPI and other key metrics at a summary level. For example you can look at civil engineering manpower, both historical and future requirements, or material costs for a specific commodity or vendor.

Instead of having to make repeated requests and waiting several days or even weeks for status reports, executives are now imbued with the ability to retrieve the information they need in near real time. This empowers executives to leverage lessons learned and guide the organization to a higher level of maturity and capability to the benefit of all.