Project Services

OnTrack Engineering staff have been providing a full range of project controls and project management consulting services since 1984, helping our clients solve their toughest project challenges. The OnTrack team of partners and associates provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you need. Our subject-matter experts have decades of capital project experience for large owners and EPC firms. They can help you evaluate your business processes and provide recommendations and guidelines for implementing best practices as they relate to any phase of your EPC projects. We offer three distinct service for our clients:


  • PMO Services – provide consulting on best practice and process structure for your organization.
  • Project Expertise – provide expertise in specific disciplines as you project needs dictate.

PMO Services

OnTrack Engineering has for over 30 years provided clients with PMO (Project Management Office) knowledge combined with industry best practices to offer the expert level consulting to help you organize your project offices effectively and efficiently. When engaging, us you will benefit from the T.R.A.C.K. Methodology, utilization and implementation of the OCF (OnTrack Control Framework) and years of industry best practice knowledge. All these can be combined with OnTrackPM, our next generation project management and control software, project discipline expertise and training and certification services enabling you to instantly jump up the Capability Mature Model curve.

Project Expertise

OnTrack has developed a team and network of experts in every project discipline. Whether your needs are in estimating, procurement, document control, project controls or even program level management, OnTrack has the expertise your projects demand for success. Our project experts have worked on every kind of project imaginable around the globe.
Below are a few examples of the project service disciplines our team of experts has helped clients with.

Supply Chain Management

We provide international procurement expertise. In addition, our clients benefit from access to OnTrack Project Manager’s extensive planning, cost control and reporting features. Our procurement module covers the entire procurement process, from request for bid to invoice processing and approval, and bill payments from trust accounts.

Overall Project Controls

Sound project control tools used by experienced managers form the backbone of successful project execution. Through our network of associates and partners, we provide you with controls managers who have successfully completed projects worth billions of dollars spanning industries from mining, heavy civil, chemical, petrochemical and pipelines to food processing. OnTrack Engineering’s integrated tools and procedures can generate substantial savings in man-hours and money, and help keep your projects on schedule and within budget. Our involvement in a project ranges from initial implementation of OnTrackPM as the core tool to full project execution by our personnel.


At the start of project controls, estimating defines project scope and sets the baseline for cost and schedule. Using OnTrack Engineering’s proprietary tools and our own extensive, proven database, we provide intelligent estimating. Our proprietary estimating program uses the same format for both conceptual and lump-sum bid estimates, with conceptually derived quantities being replaced by actual takeoffs and default prices by quotations for lump-sum estimates.

Risk Management

OnTrack Engineering provides risk assessments using our in-house statistical determination tool or those requested by our clients to determine the appropriate amount of contingency. Our senior executives and consultants will also help you to identify risks outside of the scope of your projects as defined by drawings and specifications, and recommend a course of action to mitigate, avoid or accept the external risk.


Although existing CPM technology and tools are useful for the initial schedule on any project, they need to be supplemented for project execution. Existing products do not automatically expand activities to reflect partial activities or deliveries, nor do they integrate with other reporting vehicles such as material receiving or contract progress to perform automatic updating. For example, reporting on engineering progress involving hundreds of parallel and fuzzily related activities is impractical using only these tools. OnTrack Project Manager’s planning module emphasizes resources and earned progress reported by individual discipline. The individual activities taken from planning packages are transformed in OnTrack into deliverable/pay items to determine progress by account. This is equivalent to the level 1 summary of the commercial planning packages, so that forecast and amount of effort remaining can be better identified and provided.

OnTrack provides an experienced specialist in every sector of the industry to oversee the planning, while the software handles the details of calculations.

Progress Monitoring

OnTrack Engineering leverages the sophisticated Cost Control/Earned Value module in OnTrack Project Manager for progress monitoring of engineering and construction. This provides earned value metrics by taking into consideration actual quantities or intermediate weighted milestones for engineering activities, productivity, and resources necessary to utilize until the planned project completion date. With this methodology, we can boast that we have never missed a schedule as we carefully monitor progress and continuously recommend appropriate corrective actions.