We believe that you cannot ignore any detail or plan what you do not know, that all transactions must be documented, duplication and repetition need to be avoided, providing instant answers to questions and satisfying your stakeholders. These are some of the benefits achieved by basing OnTrack Project Manager’s design and structure on the concept of integration.

OnTrack Engineering is a deeply experienced project management systems company with a vision to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of large construction, facility or infrastructure projects delivery. We have over 150 combined years of Capital Project Experience & 30 years in business providing solutions to our client’s most challenging problems. Based on in-depth customer and industry feedback we released our entirely new product called OnTrackPM. Whether you require a 24/7 multi-language support or flexible licensing, we can serve to your needs. Also, our team is available to ensure smooth implementation through broad system experience, comprehensive training & knowledge transfer.

OnTrack’s Value Proposition

Real-Time Alignment: Ensuring projects objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress, allowing teams to act faster than ever before. OnTrack delivers advanced levels of governance, controls, and visibility into large (construction, facility, or infrastructure) projects allowing project teams to change response faster than ever. Working with industry associations such as AACEi, Fiatech and CPM, OnTrackPM adheres to the Earned Value Model and the Fiatech Roadmap Productivity Advancement Targets (PATS). Our goal is to advance the technology and methodologies to reduce overall project costs significantly. OnTrackPM reduces risks, dispute costs, change costs and delivers work aligned with owner’s expectations. During closeout, the system streamlines operations handover further reducing costs, lost information and adoption time.


OnTrackPM enables buyers, contract managers, expeditors and inspectors to consistently manage requisitions, request for quotes, bids, purchase orders (POs) and contracts with the granularity required for engineering and construction. The features cover every step in as much or as little detail as required, from requisition through issue and closeout audit.


Receiving Materials and Services is a pivotal integrated feature set within OnTrackPM. The powerful capabilities bring commitments and accruals together, then feed critical real-time data to the planning, finance, cost control and construction functions, thereby enabling them to perform with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Project Controls

OnTrack Project Manager records by account the dollar-value cost and schedule information of capital projects, conforming to the ANSI 748 standard. The project team can view the cost and schedule performance of each account (CPI and SPI) and can forecast the cost and schedule at completion for each account and for the total project.

Project Finance and Accounting

OnTrack’s Financial and Portfolio Control Module can perform all the project financial transactions from procurement, receiving and invoice processing to payment and final bank reconciliations. OnTrack streamlines all the accounting transactions. Payment can be made directly out of a trust account or the processed data can be sent to ERP systems for payment.


OnTrack’s Collaboration Module tracks and organizes email correspondence with your clients, vendors, contractors and employees, allowing you to catalogue your project communication in a central database for the short and long terms. The Collaboration module tracks lists and logs, organizes everything by subject and type, and includes automatic electronic prompts for the action items that you specify. This helps you ensure that all issues are dealt with and deadlines are met.

Document Control

Capture all the information you need through our Document Control Module. Covering the areas of document submission and drawing control, its powerful features give the project team proper control over vendors as well as instant visibility into the status of their drawing packages and other important project documentation.

Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management

OnTrack Project Manager’s Enterprise Project Portfolio functionality for project performance and cash flow gives executives high-level vision, viewing at a glance the performance of any selected group of projects. Drawing on the strengths of the integrated database, it also has the power of drilling down into individual projects to analyze details.


As a single integrated platform OnTrackPM has all your critical project data in one spot. By OnTrackPM being designed a system of project record every project stakeholder has access the vital information they need during any stage of the project lifecycle.

The OnTrack Solution

Real-time Alignment. Ensuring projects objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress, allowing teams to take corrective action faster than ever before.

Executive Suite

Monthly and quarterly reporting to the executive team is time-consuming and frequently complex. Ever struggle with a web of spreadsheets, fixing broken links, chasing unknown revision errors to prepare a single report? Felt the pain of knowing the information is outdated even as it is reported? How can a large company properly analyze its project performance and forecast costs or cash flow?


Project based organizations need a system of controls, processes and practices that will standardize project planning and execution. We have developed a methodology that provides your organization with a tool built on the OnTrack Control Framework (TM). This control framework includes processes and industry best practices that provide the governance and oversight required to manage projects, portfolios and programs effectively. We know no two projects are exactly the same, however, there is a strong correlation between standard processes and systems being utilized across organizations and project success. OnTrackPM has the power and control combined with the flexibility needed to successfully control and manage your entire organizations projects, portfolios and programs.

Project Manager

Projects Managers have always faced a myriad of challenges, often pushing their skills to the limit. This is especially true in the current project landscape. Today the downward pressure to work within the constraints of time, scope and cost are immense. Because so much is demanded of a project manager we at OnTrack have developed over time, with industry feedback, the OnTrack Control Framework-OCF. This proven approach to managing and controlling projects has lead to the creation of OnTrackPM. OnTrackPM provides the flexibility, capability and reliability project mangers require to monitor performance, progress, help with managing risk and stakeholder communication. OnTrackPM puts your finger on the PuLSE of the project.

Project Controls

Project success often hinges to the ability to manage change and control costs. Immediate risks of late and/or inaccurate reporting through the inefficient process of collecting project data separately from procurement, planning and accounting, then combining and processing the data in spreadsheets. The same risks hold for the software integrator. Despite varying levels of integration efficiency, the database-to-database links create weaknesses, with a revision or a failure in any linked program jeopardizing the whole. On a strategic level, performing project cost control using ERP systems is innately risky. There is a fundamental difference between operating a company, which is long-term and strategic in nature, and running a project, which is short-term and extensive in detail. The ERP “shoe does not fit all”.

Supply Chain Management

Projects require a procurement system that handles the whole supply chain cycle from requisition to management of materials and contracts to operations handover. Processes lacking alignment and systems requiring redundant data entry are all prone to error. Errors and inefficiency, in turn, threaten the project’s schedule and budget.

Operations Handover

In the life-cycle of a project, client turnover is an especially daunting challenge for all stakeholders. The handover from project execution to operations traditionally is extremely time consuming and chaotic considering the amount of information to be accounted for. Often leaving the operations personnel with inadequate information to reference. What if there was a smoother more timely transition methodology?

Construction Management

The major challenges faced by any construction manager are the management of time and cost. The construction landscape today puts even more downward pressure on the management of delivering to these challenges. To be effective construction managers need an accurate portrait of the state of execution. OnTrackPM provides the near real time reporting of progress, monitoring of manpower and measurement of EV. The creation, sharing and tracking of field changes notices and RFI’s is a breeze with our collaboration/notification features. As a construction manager all the information you require to execute efficiently is at your fingertips.

Document Management

Project documentation, if handled poorly, can be like a tsunami of transmittals, data-sheets, engineering specifications and work packages ready to wreak havoc on the project especially during turnover. Add to this the web of systems traditionally used to store, manage and track all project documentation and you have an immense hurdle to project success. What if there was a single system for project documentation capture?


Having access to the latest information is vital to timely project execution, and the key to managing this critical data is by making it available to the right people as soon as possible. With OnTrackPM engineers now have the tools to effectively generate, track and distribute all of their projects valuable engineering data. Using OnTrackPM enables closer alignment between operations, construction, and engineering earlier on with advanced work packaging.


OnTrackPM is built on the philosophy that IT is here to serve the needs of the business and we believe a tool that is both effortlessly implemented and easily managed is crucial to improving the cost-effectiveness of any capital project life cycle.


One of the main stumbling blocks in dealing with disputes on projects is the time that it takes to get issues resolved. The risk of delayed resolution of disputes is very real and very expensive. It is therefore important to have a system in place for dealing effectively and quickly with any disputes or disagreements. OnTrack PM is that single truth for the project that will provide the transparency and single system of record that all stakeholders can agree to.


For any project driven company, managing the profitability of your operations is challenging. Project accounting and financial management applications must be tightly integrated and flexible to maximize revenues and ensure successful project performance and profitability. OnTrackPM is configurable to align and automate to the corporate financial processes across the project lifecycle.


Changes will occur on every project, especially during execution. The owner’s business needs, incomplete plans and specifications, or unforeseen events will impact projects and cause change. Implementing a change is faster if necessary funding is set aside in advance or made quickly available. If the project budget is challenged every time a change is made that requires additional funding, then legitimate changes are more likely to be challenged. This causes extra costs to be incurred by contractors and increasing the potential for claims.

Flexible Control

Our tool has an embedded Control Framework to enable any organization to manage and deliver capital projects on time and on budget regardless of the number of participating service providers.

Enhanced Capability

OnTrackPM is the indispensable tool for an organization that wishes to move up the capability ladder or offer a broader range of project services while allowing them to compete against much larger firms. We have clients that have grown their business up to ten times after incorporating OnTrack’s methods and tool into their PMO.

Global Transparency

OnTrackPM provides you near realtime visibility during execution while giving equal value in traceability. This means changes are captured and acted upon more efficiently allowing for stakeholders to act in a manner that drives project delivery to a successful conclusion. This will make for a much smoother transition when it comes time for project handover as all the project data has been captured in a single system of record allowing for full audit capability.


Successful results will be repeatable and consistent because the embedded control framework can be applied to any future project.

Systematic Approach

Based on the philosophy of taking into account the full project lifecycle OnTrackPM is an integrated solution built to be a single system of project record. Because your organization may have invested much into existing systems we can leverage them to better utilize existing capital outlays. Competing approaches lack much of the resulting flexibility and functionality. These integrated features were developed and refined on thousands of projects over 30 years. Consistent with PMI and AACE best practices, helping you to standardize your operation improving productivity greatly.

Proactive Execution

With OnTrackPM being the single source for project truth, providing full visibility of progress in real time, stakeholders can react to change quicker make decisions based on concrete facts. The systems ability to progress and forecast in real time allows project teams to execute projects by focusing on what is likely to happen versus looking back to what has already happened. This is all possible with our proprietary progressing algorithm, PuLSE©

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

OnTrack’s methods and tool have been proven to reduce capital project costs from 5-20% over the last 30 years. We bring our partners tremendous improvements in efficiency; therefore, reducing costs as OnTrackPM breaks down barriers to progress inside their organizations.

Solid Reliability

We maintain the key solution to enhance project performance is achieved through the elimination of duplicating information across multiple software systems. The level of integration that OnTrackPM provides allows for a single system of project record to reduce transcription errors while dramatically increasing the speed by which information becomes available to project stakeholders.

Control Framework

OnTrack Control Framework (OCF): OCF provides a solid foundation for the Project Management Office. Allowing for flexibility and consistency despite the number of stakeholder organizations involved. OCF provides a system to keep Engineering, Procurement and Construction vendors accountable by giving the Project Management Offices a robust foundation from which to execute all their projects. Project leadership has access all the information needed to make effective decisions in near real-time.

Key Features:

  • Program and project management system of record
  • Full transparency between the engineering, procurement, construction and project management functions
  • Single point real time data entry
  • Fully configurable Rosetta stone coding roll up (WBS, RBS, OBS coding structure- adaptable to any coding structure)
  • Multi language and currency support
  • 24/7 global customer support in native language
  • Private secure cloud or on-premise solutions
  • Globally accessible on any web enabled device
  • Fully integrated electronic approvals
  • Azure or active directory neutral authority system for client validation and approval
  • Super auditability– full Sarbanes Oxley compliance and detailed auditability
  • Full procurement life cycle (REQ, RFQ, Bid Mgmt, PO, Receiving, Invoice, Payment)
  • Scheduling package integration (Asta, Tilos, Aurora, MS Project, Primavera, etc.)
  • Configurable notifications and collaborations for complete project oversight and critical warnings
  • Real time project status reporting
  • Item level cash flow and cost tracking
  • Advanced earned value capability based on ANSI-748