OnTrackPM Enterprise Project / Portfolio Management

OnTrack Project Manager’s Enterprise Project Portfolio functionality for project performance and cash flow gives executives high-level vision, viewing at a glance the performance of any selected group of projects. Drawing on the strengths of the integrated database, it also has the power of drilling down into individual projects to analyze details.

Instead of having to make repeated requests for specific reports, your company’s executives can see whatever they need to analyze what went right and what went wrong in each project. This equips your company to use the lessons learned and move the organization to a higher level of maturity capability on future projects.


The primary benefit of the Enterprise Project Portfolio functionality is powerful and profound: allowing your project reporting and evaluation to rise to the true enterprise level. This is the highest level of capability maturity, for maximum control and effective strategic decision-making.

In addition, its regular use is far more convenient for the intended users – your executive team – and is far less labour-intensive and more accurate for those tasked with providing the reporting materials to the leadership.

The OnTrack Solution

OnTrack holds all the project information in a single SQL database, not separate programs or spreadsheets. This gives OnTrack the unique power to roll up all the information and filter it many ways. Simply select the group of projects you wish to view as a portfolio. With a click of the mouse you can view cash-flow, progress, CPI & SPI and other key metrics at a portfolio summary level. You can look at civil engineering manpower, for example, both historical and future requirements, or material costs for a specific commodity or vendor.


  • Provide comprehensive executive reporting
  • Create custom project rollups quickly
  • Filter by cost account across your portfolio, facilitating detailed analysis by discipline, vendor, and other parameters
  • Drill down into individual projects from reporting
  • Do cash flow analysis across your portfolio
  • Set and display fiscal targets
  • Generate full earned-value metrics
  • RASCI Notifications linked to WBS
  • OCF OnTrack Control Framework
  • Collaboration in real time
  • Lessons Learned
  • Change Log
  • Decision Log
  • Risk Registry
  • Document Control & Transmittal Flows
  • Invoicing & Payment
  • Real Time Notification
  • Portfolio
  • Program Management
  • Custom RFI’s, Punch Lists, etc. all with  accountability assignments
  • Advanced Work Packaging