As a single integrated platform OnTrackPM has all your critical project data in one spot. By OnTrackPM being designed a system of project record every project stakeholder has access the vital information they need during any stage of the project lifecycle. With OnTrackPM being the single source of truth, for your project(s), there is now no room for confusion as to the latest (real-time) status. This information is conveyed through system based reports and screens as well as through stakeholder specific dashboards that can be tailored specifically to your Project Management Office.

The OnTrack Solution

Within our team is a most innovative group of individuals specializing in the art of the impossible. One of the solutions created by this team are the state of the art OnTrackPM Dashboards. Our dashboard solutions offer a general overview of project/portfolio/program status all the way to a bespoke view that is tailored to individual stakeholders. All dashboards are built from an array of data cubes so any data source and structure can be mined to produce a real time configurable stakeholder specific view.


  • Real time insight
  • Configurable to PMO standard in place
  • Customizable to the individual stakeholder
  • Drill down to level of granularity you need
  • Drive efficient and cost effective communication
  • Empower informed and timely decision making
  • Project reporting at the speed of life