OnTrackPM Planning/Scheduling Linking

OnTrack Scheduling is self-updating in real time as the project unfolds. Date-stamped transactions are compared to what was planned. The system warns you of any slippage regarding deliverables in the engineering, procurement and construction schedules. This enables you to expedite critical items in a timely manner.

The OnTrack Solution

While still performing two way linking to scheduling packages, OnTrack’s planning expands itself to handle every exception. As an example, receiving 200 bulk items over the course of a project is one milestone in traditional planning. With OnTrack these shipments can be planned to happen over the course of the project and you will know exactly what is on hand, in transit, and still to come from the vendor.
Similar functionality is available for construction and engineering. A percentage completion is generated for level 2 activities of a specific level 1 discipline based on the man-hours earned. When compared with actual time spent, it is used for the earned value calculation, with level 1 used for reporting and level 2 for capturing progress.


  • Accurate, real-time information facilitates efficient scheduling oversight and control, including easy calculation of floats.
  • Seamless connections to mainstream planning tools allow information to flow unimpeded
  • Improves the ongoing schedule planning process throughout the project


  • Imports and exports schedules to and from third-party programs
  • Warns about engineering, construction and procurement deviations
  • Warns about late and partial deliveries
  • Identifies every partial PO item and its attached tags
  • Lets you review activities achieved to date and for a specific period
  • Date-stamps deliveries to avoid conflicts and claims
  • Allows specific item identification through extensive filtering
  • Allows expediting vendors across multiple projects
  • Lets you allocate resources effectively to meet targets