OnTrack Engineering

Project based organizations need a system of controls, processes and practices that will standardize project planning and execution. We have developed a methodology that provides your organization with a tool built on the OnTrack Control Framework (TM).


Manage and control your capital projects at the speed of life.

Global Presence

With employees and associates across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, OnTrack has been supporting and advising our clients with analysis and solutions to solve both routine and extraordinary project difficulties.

OnTrack Engineering provides fully aligned project management solutions. We understand the industries we serve are constantly evolving, so we too are consistently pushing the envelope with innovation in design, functionality and ease of implementation of our products and services. Whether you choose to implement OnTrackPM, or utilize our PMO consulting, project expertise and training services, we can enable your organization to increase its ability to effectively manage and execute capital projects more efficiently.

With employees and associates across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, OnTrack has been supporting and advising our clients with analysis and solutions to solve both routine and extraordinary project difficulties. Through the years many of our clients have achieved success through major growth and acquisition and we are proud to have been a part of their winning strategies.

Cost Efficiency and Risk Containment

OnTrack’s methods and software have been proven to reduce project costs by 5% to 20% over the last 30 years.

Control Framework and Governance

OnTrack Control Framework (OCF) provides a solid foundation for the Project Management Office.

Proactive Execution

With OnTrackPM being the single source for project truth, providing full visibility of progress in real time, stakeholders can react to change quicker and make decisions based on concrete facts.

Global Transparency

OnTrackPM provides you near realtime visibility during execution while giving equal value in traceability.


We believe that you cannot ignore any detail or plan what you do not know, that all transactions must be documented, duplication and repetition need to be avoided, providing instant answers to questions and satisfying your stakeholders. These are some of the benefits achieved by basing OnTrack Project Manager’s design and structure on the concept of integration.


OnTrackPM enables buyers, contract managers, expeditors and inspectors to consistently manage requisitions, request for quotes, bids, purchase orders (POs) and contracts with the granularity required for engineering and construction. The features cover every step in as much or as little detail as required, from requisition through issue and closeout audit.


Receiving Materials and Services is a pivotal integrated feature set within OnTrackPM. The powerful capabilities bring commitments and accruals together, then feed critical real-time data to the planning, finance, cost control and construction functions, thereby enabling them to perform with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Project Controls

OnTrack Project Manager records by account the dollar-value cost and schedule information of capital projects, conforming to the ANSI 748 standard. The project team can view the cost and schedule performance of each account (CPI and SPI) and can forecast the cost and schedule at completion for each account and for the total project.

Project Finance and Accounting

OnTrack’s Financial and Portfolio Control Module can perform all the project financial transactions from procurement, receiving and invoice processing to payment and final bank reconciliations. OnTrack streamlines all the accounting transactions. Payment can be made directly out of a trust account or the processed data can be sent to ERP systems for payment.


OnTrack’s Collaboration Module tracks and organizes email correspondence with your clients, vendors, contractors and employees, allowing you to catalogue your project communication in a central database for the short and long terms. The Collaboration module tracks lists and logs, organizes everything by subject and type, and includes automatic electronic prompts for the action items that you specify. This helps you ensure that all issues are dealt with and deadlines are met.

Document Control

Capture all the information you need through our Document Control Module. Covering the areas of document submission and drawing control, its powerful features give the project team proper control over vendors as well as instant visibility into the status of their drawing packages and other important project documentation.

Planning Scheduling Linkages

OnTrack Scheduling is self-updating in real time as the project unfolds. Date-stamped transactions are compared to what was planned. The system warns you of any slippage regarding deliverables in the engineering, procurement and construction schedules. This enables you to expedite critical items in a timely manner.

Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management

OnTrack Project Manager’s Enterprise Project Portfolio functionality for project performance and cash flow gives executives high-level vision, viewing at a glance the performance of any selected group of projects. Drawing on the strengths of the integrated database, it also has the power of drilling down into individual projects to analyze details.


As a single integrated platform OnTrackPM has all your critical project data in one spot. OnTrackPM was designed as a system of project record so that every project stakeholder has access to the vital information they need during any stage of the project or asset lifecycle.

For Owners:

Advanced up to date visibility into project status, ability to take action early, avoid delays and unplanned cost or schedule over-runs. Provides audit trails during and post project delivery.

For Supply Chain:

Aligns and streamlines purchasing and transaction approvals. Allows for revisions through all phases of the procurement cycle. Gives visibility into supplier performance. Improves logistics, bidding and contract management.

For IT:

Simple and powerful integrations and synchronization between corporate systems such as ERP’s, Document Management, Maintenance Management and other corporate systems.

For PMOs:

Across all project phases you will gain full visibility into schedules, resources, deliverables and costing that is aligned to your financial requirements. The system provides advanced communication, collaboration and coordination tools that reduce tedious, complex, costly processes and systems that require possible duplication of effort and prone to causing errors or delays in reporting. You obtain a common platform and set of process and controls that promotes work sharing, standardization and repeatability with successful results.

For EPCs:

Advances visibility, tracking and communications between the PMO and subcontractors ensuring teams know what needs to be done by who. when making it the best prime contractor tool. Avoids frustration by avoiding the “hurry up and wait” syndrome. Quality work and timely delivery leads to more work! Better estimates can be achieved over time with OnTrackPM’s repeatability and templating.

OnTrackPM Plus 3d Analysis

OnTrackPM Plus Claims and link analysis – our 25+ years of experience and excellent partners around the world bring you the next evolution in construction claims – we make short work of big data problems contact us today!  Sales@ontrackpm.com